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I’m not one to hit the coffee shop for mocha lattes, cappuccinos or other specialty coffee drinks, unless it’s the holiday. Second Cup puts you in the holiday mood with some festive drinks and nibbles.

That large turkey was a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner but what to do with the leftovers? We’ve pulled five delicious ideas from our meal plans to inspire you.

Summer may be over but for many, including our family, it does not mean the end to the BBQ Season. During the summer we enjoyed trying some classic BBQ fare as well as new dishes as part of our Summer BBQ Sunday Series.

The weather has been feeling almost Fall-like here, which has me craving meat-laden dishes. I loved the pork roast we smoked on the BBQ earlier in our Summer BBQ Sunday series but this time we tried chops with apples.

The hot weather we have experienced the last few days has us eating lighter; however, that doesn’t mean we’re not using our grill. Instead of smoked ribs or hamburgers, we tried our hand at shrimp tacos and SkinnyGrape wine

The long weekend is a perfect time to enjoy a little barbecuing. You could do smoked ribs or grilled salmon but for us the long weekend calls for a buffet of burgers and sweet grilled apples.

Pasta is a popular dish in our house, especially with the kids. In the fall we tend to make (and bake) a lot of it but the baking requires the (hot) oven, something we’re trying to avoid this summer. It seems cooking pasta on the BBQ is easier than you think. Serve with grilled maple brussel sprouts and bacon skewers and Island Ice for dessert for another Summer BBQ Sunday delight.

Sunday dinner has traditionally been roast in our house. Just because we have moved our Sunday dinner out into the backyard does not mean me can’t enjoy a good roast, a smoked roast. Add to that fruit in the form of a grilled watermelon and feta salad and chocolate fruit fondue.

The summer to me means more salads, fruits and fish. There’s something about the warmer weather and enjoying fish done on the grill. This weekend we try a friend’s dill cedar plank salmon, plus grilled corn with rosemary and salsa, roasted nuts and a summer classic, ice cream sandwiches.

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