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I'm away at a conference for most of this week - Monday I'll be at home, but Tuesday-Friday the boys will have to fend for themselves. Not to generalize, but I know in this case it means KD, pizza and eggs on toast, so I've chosen some meals that can be prepared ahead of time and either frozen or refrigerated, then assembled at the last minute. Fortunately summer means not a lot of heavy meals - no big roasts or stews or long cooking times. I think they'll survive.

Summer is (almost) here! We're getting close to the summer solstice, which means long sunny evenings, and a struggle to get kids to bed when it doesn't seem like bedtime. It also means plenty of opportunity to dine al fresco, in the back yard, and be silly as we wind up the school year and summer vacation is in sight. I still enjoy spending time in the sunny kitchen, so this week I'll be using some of the first greens of the season.

At the start of the school year I was all gung-ho about creating fun and interesting meal ideas for the school lunch box but that enthusiasm quickly made way for standard fare that was easy to put together. I’m trying to break this habit and these Savory Cheese and Bacon Muffins are a good start.

I love green eggs and ham. I do. Especially when they are served in the form of this casserole, a fun lunch idea to serve the kids this St. Patrick's Day or just something different to offer up during March Break.

The snow is still on the ground but our Big Green Egg has been smoking. It’s amazing how a simple dish cooked on the grill can taste so good. That’s exactly what Patak had us doing recently with a grilled Mango Chicken followed by a little Bollywood-inspired workout.

We eat together at the table every night but just like our routine is altered by the weekend so is our dinner rituals. Some Saturday nights we find ourselves eating something casual in front of our television. This past Saturday we added a little international flare with an Indian inspired dinner and a movie.


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