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I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist, I don’t have the patience, but I do set high expectations for myself when I try new things. Ultimately this leads to disappointment and frustrations and this past Chinese New Year was a fine example.

As I was writing a little bit about myself for another project, I started to think how my current path wasn’t what I had planned. Many people hope to get married (some even have binders full of planning details) and the obvious next step is kids. That wasn’t my plan.

A friend of mine was at a party a few months back. As midnight neared and the party went into overtime, a slow song came on. My friend made a beeline for her husband and danced slowly and seductively with him. They enjoyed the moment immensely, grateful to feel comfortable enough in front of their friends to express their affection.

Our friend @CocktailDeeva shared this article, "The Mommy Business Trip" from the Wall Street Journal on Facebook today, and I immediately got my knickers in a knot. I felt the author completely missed one major element to the story. For me, it is the main reason, the business reason.


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