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According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, “Mothers face many common issues in the early days following birth. Isolation, fear or insecurity about infant care, breastfeeding, where to go for help, role adjustment, fatigue, coping with siblings or partners, body image, nutrition, and the need for peer support - all must be dealt with.” {Note: these issues do not dissapear as a child grows older… these issues … re-surface… evolve …explode…throughout the growing years}

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Friends. Compadres. BFFs. Bosom buddies. We all have em, we all need em. Whether we want to share silly stories and create fond memories, sip a glass of wine while conversing over a foodie-adorned table, or need a shoulder, friends are there because... well... they are.

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I think we are hard on those around us at times. We expect a lot out of them and then when they let us down, rise up short, or fail to meet those unsaid standards, we are disappointed, discouraged, and frustrated. We fail to see that people are human. They will say the wrong thing at times, hurt our feelings, and even let us down with – or without intending to.

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Marriage is tough. It’s tough to keep communication open and vulnerable. It’s tough to keep the romantic fire “lit.” It’s tough to carve out quality time together and to prioritize one another’s needs. But it becomes even tougher when one or both parties come into the marriage relationship with prior expectations.

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I feel like I hardly know you now! Who are you anyway? What has become of the person I married? Sound familiar? These are just a few examples of the statements that spouses may regrettably exchange during the challenging moments of the transition to parenthood. During the first few years after we grow from couple to family, we grapple with the usual suspects — sleep deprivation, fluctuating hormones, no time to ourselves, and minimal quality time together as husband and wife.

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